All products shown have been recently been added to the portfolio. The design and production of the product came from customers with an idea.  If you have an idea for a product, get in contact and we'll see how we can make it happen.
NOTE:  All unit specific items (ie. patches, guidons, and badges are provided by the customer.  Mounting is free.
Laser Engraved Custom Base $55.00
Base with Buffalo and Engraving $80.00
(See Wildlife Mounts for more options)
Order of St Maurice framed and matted with laser engraved medal made from wood encased below $110.00
2BCT, 4ID Warhorse Plaque $125.00
Magnetic Name Plates $9.00ea
($11.00ea with graphics)
Punch Bowl Base $125.00
Memorial/Recognition Plaque with wood engraved guidon and patch $75.00
4ID Double Flag Mount $135.00
Customer provides Flags and Coins
204th BSB Table Base Plaque $100.00
Custom Engraving
Custom Etching and Framing
1-10 CAV Buffalo Soldiers
Footlocker Style Colors Display Case
10th CAV Steton Holder w/ Engraving
Steton Holder Basic w/ Engraving
10th CSH Crest with Stickum and
Pen/Pencil Holders    $95.00
Large CAV Sabres Mounted w/ Engraving
XL Engineer Crest (24" wide)   $95.00
BSM Framed and Double Matted
Small Base w/ Engraving
Sabre Mounted in Case with Steton Holder
1-10 Colors Framed w/ Engraving
67th Armor Regiment XL Crest
KaBar Case with Glass Engraved
St George Medal Engraved and Framed with Certificate
Warrant Crest with Ordinance
Warrant Crest with Name and
Ranks Encased   $130.00
Warrant Crest with 120 Coin Display Box   $135.00
Rank w/ coins
Perpetual with Unit Patch
and Engravings $275.00
Medical Crest Mounted
1st Space Brigade
Armor Crest with Base  $75.00
Retirement Shadow Box  $115.00
Belt Buckle Insert $15.00
SFC Branch Engraved
SAMC Crest    $125.00
Ranger Tab and Scroll    $85.00
Large Heritage Room Scroll    $85.00
Bulldog Plaque    $90.00
Platoon Excellence Plaque    $65.00
Space Dawg Plaque    $140.00
Bulldog Plaque    $125.00
NORAD and USNORTHCOM Plaques    $120.00 Each
Beret Plaque    $45.00
NORAD and USNORTHCOM Plaques    $285.00 Both Mounted on Board with coins inlaid
Podium with Unit Plaque    $175.00
Battalion Colors and 6 guidon Stand with Unit Crest in Middle
Three Guidon/Colors Stand with Lettering
Center Stand with Unit Crest
$130.00 just crest
$155.00 with board and engraving
Flag Case with Awards Mounted
Customer Graphics engraved
Contact for Quote
Large Flag Case with Engraving
Retirement Shadow Box
Felt Backing and Engraving
Leonard Wood Plaque
$65.00 Small
CSM Plaque with Wood Guidons
10" Mini Crosses for Pet Burial
Small 4ID Plaque with
Base and Engraving
MP Pistols with Drop Down
XL Raider Bde Plaque Colored
Sabre mounted with coins, colors and Ranks    $285.00
Special Forces Knife Holder
SGM Sabre Mount with Engraving
Signal Plaque 4ID
UAV Propeller and Patches Mounted
Christmas Ornaments
Front and Back Engraved
3 Shelf Display Case 4'x6'x18"
With Internal Lighting Installed
Engineer Regimental Crest
SF Diver Badge $95.00
EFMB $75.00
Custom Unit Plaque