Custom laser engraving available on wood, acrylic, anodized metal and flat glass.  Beer and wine mugs and glasses also available with engraving area limitations.  Customer provided logos in black and white can be engraved if high enough resolution.  Send graphics to and we will notify you if the graphics meet specifications.  If not, we may be able to convert to a usable format for an additional fee.  ALLOW 2 TO 14 DAYS FOR ALL ORDERS DEPENDING ON MATERIAL AVAILABILITY AND QUANTITY ORDERED.

On large orders (10 items or more), unless specifically noted below, a one time standard setup fee per order of  like items will be charged as follows:
Text Only    $5.00
Graphics$10.00 if graphics are available or provided in a suitable format
Graphics Conversion: Request quote. Normally $20.00 per graphic.
Self adhesive acrylic engraved plates can be made to custom sizes.  Costs vary according to size.  See below for basic prices.  Unlimited text and basic border included.  Black and white graphics can be added to plate for an additional $5.00.  Basic colors include black w/ white letters, brushed gold w/ black letters, blue w/ white letters and red w/ white letters.  Other colors can be made but additional time for delivery will be needed.

$3.00ea Engraved
$3.50ea Engraved
Maple or Rosewood Pen Engraved$5.50ea
Maple or rosewood Pencil Engraved      $6.50ea
4"x5"x1/4" with four graphics and text$10.00 (No Setup Fee)
Request quote for larger items
Maple memo and pen holder w/ engraving       $12.00
Rosewood memo and pen holder w/engraving  $13.00
Maple Pen and Pencil Holder w/ one side engraving$15.00
Each additional side engraved  $5.00
Rotating top ring box engraved$8.00
Black Aluminum Anodized Pen Engraved      $4.00
14oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mugs One Side Engraved        $16.00ea (No Setup Fee)
                            Second Side Engraved                         $4.00ea
Rosewood Single Pen Case Engraved        $10.00
Maple Single Pen Case Engraved              $9.00
20oz. Beer Mug One Side Engraved       $8.50ea ($10.00 Setup)
Second Side Engraved                          $4.00ea
6.0oz Flute One Side Engraved           $6.00ea ($10.00 Setup)
Second Side Engraved                       $3.00ea
11.5oz. Goblet  One Side Engraved     $6.50ea ($10.00 Setup)
Second Side Engraved                       $3.00ea
19oz. Pub Glass One Side Engraved     $7.00ea ($10.00 Setup)
Second Side Engraved                         $3.00ea
8oz. Stainless Steel Flask Engraved        $16.00
              Second Side Engraved             $4.00
                              (No Setup Fee)
TWall Plaque with Coin Mounted        $20.00
Second Side Engraved                       $3.00
($5.00 Setup Fee First Item)
Custom Engraving on up to 12"x18" surface.  See
Custom Framing in ordering link for framing prices.
Nameplate top engraved from customer graphic.
Minotaur engraved from customer graphic.
Engraved Custom Base (No Setup Fee)
$55.00 Base Engraved only with no coins
$60.00 Base Includes mounting Coins
$80.00 Base with Available Wildlife Figures
(See Wildlife Mounts for more options)

Laser Engraved St Maurice Medal made from Wood
St George also available.  See Below.
$85.00 (16x20)
Glass Etched and Framed
($10.00 Setup Fee first Item)
Custom Engraved Plaque
($10.00 Setup Fee First Item)
Magnetic Nameplates
$9.00ea w/o graphics
$11.00 ea w/ graphics
$120.00 (St Maurice) (No Setup Fee)
$45.00 (7x9)    If Graphics Onhand
$55.00 (8x10)   (No Setup Fee)
$65.00 (9x12)
$75.00 (10.5x13)

($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($10.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($10.00 Setup Fee for first Item)
($5.00 Setup Fee for first Item No Graphics)
($10.00 Setup Fee for first Item With Graphics)
$70.00 Engraved and Hand Painted Guidon
$120.00 Custom Etched Glass
Flags and Coins Not Included
Personalized IPOD
$120.00 (St George) (No Setup Fee)
Laser Engraved St George Medal made from Wood
KaBar Case Etched (Lid Opens)  $135.00
Belt Buckle Insert $15.00
Customer provides buckle.
HD Personalized Derby Cover
$60.00 if customer provides cover
$95.00 if cover is bought local
Personalized Pistol Grips
$45.00 Fabrication of Grips
$15.00 Engraving per grip
Customer provides wood
AR15 Dust Cover Engraved
$20.00 (Customer provides cover)
Self Adhesive Acrylic Stickers (DoDad)
Silver w/ Black shown
$25.00 Center with Outside Ring (5")
$15.00 Only Center (4")
Colors available:  Gold w/Black, Black w/ Gold, Silver w/ Black
Must specify colors for center and ring (can be mixed)